Educators Development

Program Training Videos

For quick and easy implementation training, HLC offers training videos for each of our four programs: HLC Pre-K Program (5:09 minutes), HLC Behavioral Health Curriculum: Grades K – 5 (8:44 minutes), HLC Middle School Program: Grades 6 – 8 (6:21 minutes), and CAMP BOOST™: Out of School Time Program (5:48 minutes).

In-Person Training

HLC offers group training for all of our programs. In-person trainings typically range from 1.5 – 3 hours and can accommodate large or small groups.

If you are interested in having HLC staff conduct a group training, please contact us for more information and pricing at (504) 299-1966 or

General Tips for Successful Lessons

Use hands-on, role playing activities whenever possible. Students often learn best from non-traditional activities. When they participate they enjoy the lessons and have a chance to experience potential consequences of their choices. Role-play also reinforces critical thinking and higher-order thinking skills, which are important tools used in standardized testing. As for younger children, they need a variety of activities during a 50-minute lesson to hold their attention.

Sometimes, smaller is better. With younger students, you may find activities more effective if they work in small groups vs. large groups.

Close the lesson well. Make sure you leave time at the end of the lesson to summarize what they’ve learned, and ask the “think about it” wrap up questions to make sure they understand key concepts of the lesson. These wrap-up questions are provided at the end of every lesson.