HLC offers several programs and other helpful resources to guide educators in teaching their students about nutrition, fitness, safety, conflict resolution and substance abuse prevention.


HLC Pre-K Program

This program is designed to introduce healthy behaviors to young children. Most lessons are introduced through literature and circle group activities. Small and large group activities are also offered to introduce social/emotional, cognitive and physical learning experiences. It can be used in a traditional preschool setting or with after-school or summer camp programs. LEARN MORE »

HLC Behavioral-Health Curriculum (grades K – 5)

This program provides youth with the knowledge and skills practice to make healthier choices. Implemented once per week over a 45-minute period, each lesson includes five easy steps and a lesson booster activity for key message reinforcement. LEARN MORE »

HLC Middle School Program (grades 6 – 8)

Because middle school students would rather not be told what to do or how to think, this program provides youth with information about positive behaviors and consequences, and allows them to work in teams to reach healthy conclusions on their own. LEARN MORE »

CAMP BOOST™ (after-school/summer camp program, ages 5 -12)

With CAMP BOOST™, kids can engage in enrichment activities such as dramatic arts, music, arts & crafts and games while also learning important health skills. Because campers are typically multi-aged groups, CAMP BOOST™ offers developmentally appropriate activities in two age groups – 5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds. LEARN MORE »