HLC Behavioral-Health Curriculum (grades K – 5)

HLC Program for grades K-5

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Program Overview

This comprehensive, sequential program provides youth with the knowledge and skills practice to make healthier choices.

Taught cross-curricular or as part of physical education, the HLC Behavioral-Health Curriculum should be implemented once per week over a 45-minute period. Each lesson includes five easy steps and a lesson booster activity for key message reinforcement. The new second edition features the Case Crusaders®, an animated cast of characters who make complex social and emotional concepts easier for youth to grasp. Topics covered include:

  • Life Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Safety
  • Conflict Resolution/Violence Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention


  • Easy to use, 5-step lessons
  • Comprehensive and hands-on, requiring few supplies
  • Includes the new choosemyplate.gov guideline for food portions and variety, and the most recent fitness recommendations for youth
  • The HLC Poster Set supplements the program by illustrating key concepts
  • Aligned cross-curricular and with the National Health Education Standards
  • Proven to positively impact health knowledge and behaviors
  • Includes program knowledge and behavioral assessments

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