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Hey kids, this page is just for you. Here, you’ll meet the Case Crusaders®, trophies who help students like you solve problems. You can also watch videos, download creative coloring sheets, brain-bending puzzles and more.

The Case Crusaders®

Case Crusaders®Every day, hundreds of kids at Rockland School walk past the trophy case, which sits smack in the middle of the main hallway. Most kids don’t even notice the gleaming statues inside – reminders that hard work, passion and dedication are rewarded. But if you look closely, there’s something very different about these trophies. They’re watching what’s happening around them….they’re listening…and they’re ready to take action. Because these trophies aren’t solid medal objects sitting still in a case…they’re alive!

The three largest trophies have labeled themselves the “Case Crusaders.” They don’t want to just exist in a glass case, they want to exist in the real world helping students solve problems.

Meet the Case Crusaders®

Case Crusaders®Scott is the Scholar Trophy. He knows everything about science, math and most academic subjects. Basically, he’s a know-it-all.

Case Crusaders®Annabelle is the Creativity Trophy. She’s a bit of a drama queen, which is understandable because she’s so artistic and musical. She likes to listen to nearly every conversation passing the trophy case, trying to solve student problems to make everyone happy.

Case Crusaders®Troy is the Athletic Trophy. All muscle, you can find Troy posed like a star running back. What can we say except he’s always ready for an adventure. He loves to repel out of the trophy case to solve complex problems with the simplest of solutions.

And while Rockland School has many students, it seems the Case Crusaders® are most often focused on three very different but active students.

Meet the Students

Case Crusaders®Stephanie is a 15-year-old star in her own universe. She is editor of the school newspaper and captain of the cheerleaders. Stephanie sees herself as a perfectionist – until something in this imperfect world throws her off her game. That’s when the trophies step in to show her it’s OK to work toward being your best, but nobody is perfect all of the time.

Franklin is an 11-year-old investigative reporter at heart.He’s creative, well read and thoughtful. He’s also in everybody’s business with a camera or microphone, trying to get a scoop for the school newspaper. Fortunately, he gets a little help from the Case Crusaders® in figuring everything out around him.

Keelie is a 6-year-old impulsive, creative ball of energy. She usually acts before she thinks, which sometimes gets her in trouble.  But her big heart keeps her getting up and trying again – and of course, she gets a little help from our friends in the trophy case.

What’s the Catch?

There’s only one catch to our story…. The kids don’t know that the trophies come to life. Only one person on the entire school campus knows about the Case Crusaders®. That person is Ms. Garcia, the school guidance counselor.

Together with Sunny Bear, the school mascot, Ms. Garcia is watchful, patient and kind. This dynamic duo seems to be everywhere on campus, ready and waiting to help our kids. Whether working together on a situation, or separately, Ms. Garcia and the Case Crusaders® are on call to help the kids at Rockland School do the right thing.

You can follow the adventures of the Case Crusaders® through the HLC Behavioral-Health Curriculum, by reading editions of the Rockland News school newspaper and by viewing our online webisodes.


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