HLC Curriculum: Set of 7 (K-5 + Middle School, 3rd ed) Printed Version



Program Overview

This comprehensive, sequential program provides youth with the knowledge and skills practice to make healthier choices.

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» Sample Lesson (Printed)

Taught cross-curricular or as part of physical education, the HLC Behavioral-Health Curriculum should be implemented once per week over a 45-minute period. Each lesson includes five easy steps and a lesson booster activity for key message reinforcement. The new second edition features the Case Crusaders®, an animated cast of characters who make complex social and emotional concepts easier for youth to grasp. Topics covered include:

  • Life Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Safety
  • Conflict Resolution/Violence Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention


  • Easy to use, 5-step lessons
  • Comprehensive and hands-on, requiring few supplies
  • Includes the new choosemyplate.gov guideline for food portions and variety, and the most recent fitness recommendations for youth
  • The HLC Poster Set supplements the program by illustrating key concepts
  • Aligned cross-curricular and with the National Health Education Standards
  • Proven to positively impact health knowledge and behaviors
  • Includes program knowledge and behavioral assessments

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Third Edition Update

We are particularly proud to present this third edition of the HLC Program. After an extensive program review, key updates were made including the following specific content enhancements:

  • Updated all data, activities, vocabulary, and references to reflect most current health information
  • Incorporated new books or activity resources that support lesson concepts
  • Expanded vocabulary words to reflect changing social dynamics and to improve understanding of key concepts
  • Diversified gender roles and reduced stereotypes
  • Broadened character names (in stories and hands-on activities) to expand inclusiveness
  • Simplified lesson preparation by highlighting all necessary materials at the start of each lesson activity
  • Refreshed “Home Connection” parent newsletters to include more experiential learning activities and modified “Rockland News” student newsletter to reflect changes within lessons